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Paul J. Dobias Safe Services, Inc.

We are one of only three companies throughout the Chicagoland area that can move large safes up to 6,000 pounds!


We handle your safe with care and can get it moved to where you need it to go.


24-hour service available!

Safe Moving of Safes

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Let the professionals at Dobias Safe Services repair your safe and continue keeping your items protected. Call:


We have the largest showroom in the local Chicagoland area and look forward to serving you and your safe needs.


We sell, repair, open, move, service, and install all types of safes throughout the local area. We also offer renting services of safes for your trade shows and events.

Safe Services Meeting Your Needs

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Got a jammed lock? Find an old safe and want to open it? Simply misplace your combination or key for your safe?


We offer safe opening services to help you get back into your safe when you need to get in it. Don't lose your personal belongings because of misplacement!

Helping Getting Your Safe Open

Let's Open Your Safe Today

We have over 35 years of experience serving the Chicagoland area.

We have residential and commercial safes both new and used!

24-hour emergency services available!

The Best Safe Services Around

We offer the best customer service and safe services for your safes throughout the Chicagoland area. Call us today to get a new safe, rent a safe, have one opened, or to discuss moving your large safe.

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